Organ Trail Frequently Asked Questions

Organ Trail FAQ

What is The ORGAN Trail Adventure?

The ORGAN Tail Adventure is a zombie urban adventure where teams solve clues and in order to identify locations in downtown Denver where they must go to complete various challenges in a limited amount of time.

Is The ORGAN Tail Adventure like a regular race?  How does it work?

The ORGAN Trail is a unique urban adventure. While some teams will choose to run, teams may walk or use acceptable public transportation as described in the Rules. Once given a map and clues, teams will solve a number of clues and participate in mental and physical activities in order to get to the next checkpoint.

The first team to complete the necessary challenges and return to the finish line will win.  In order to complete the race, a team must do so within four (4) hours.

What types of challenges are involved in The ORGAN Trail Adventure?

Teams will travel around downtown Denver to complete challenges.  Think of it as a mix between an adventure race, a reality show, and a haunted house.  Some challenges may only require teams to take a digital photo to prove they were at a specific location. In others, teams may be required to complete a task. Challenges may include additional physical activities, puzzles or games, eating (items that are safe but potentially not appetizing), collecting items, or additional tasks.  Teams may be given items at the challenges that must be returned to the FINISH line. Remember, each team must complete the required number of challenges.

How much does it cost?

$55/zombie until Thursday October 20th, 2016 (online registration closes at midnight).

NO ONLINE REGISTRATION after Thursday October 20th, 2016.

$75/zombie any time after Thursday October 20th, 2016 IF not sold out!

Are teammates required?

Yes. Each team must consist of 2-6 zombies.

Do I have to be a runner to participate?

Absolutely not. Although the winning team will likely run from challenge to challenge, many teams will be in costume. Teams who walk briskly (and use public transportation wisely) will be able to complete the course during the allowed time.

How far will teams travel?

Teams will determine their own routes. Therefore, no two teams will travel the same distance.  All challenges will be within one-mile of downtown Denver. During the 4 hour race, most teams will travel 3-4 miles (with or without the help of public transportation).

Can teams use ground support or phone-a-friend for help?

Teams must complete all challenges themselves.

See Rules and Regulations for full details. In short, teams may use technology (phones, internet, etc.) to obtain assistance from friends, family, strangers, etc.  Teams may not accept assistance from friends, family, or acquaintances in person on the course.

Do we have to have a smart phone?

Yes. Although teams will not be disqualified for not having access to technology, several challenges will require the use of a smart phone with access to the internet. Smartphones should be able to take pictures and upload images to social media.

What if we don’t complete one of the challenges?  Are any challenges mandatory?

Each team must complete the required number of challenges. This will be made clear on race day. Teams may skip any non-mandatory challenge they cannot find, choose to avoid, or desire to not complete upon arrival. There is no bonus for completing all challenges. Some challenges may be mandatory. Skipping a mandatory challenges will result in disqualification.

What transportation can I use?

Accepted transportation: Running, walking, crawling, mall bus, RTD bus, RTD light rail.

Not allowed: Private vehicles, taxis, pedi-cabs, scooters, bicycles/B-cycles, skates/blades, skateboards, any other form of transportation not listed specifically above.

What do I get for participating?

All teammates will receive an official ORGAN Trail Adventure t-shirt.

Can teams work together?

Yes. Both making arrangements beforehand and spontaneously deciding to team up on the course are permitted. However, only one team will be awarded each of the top prizes. Additionally, teams from different waves may NOT work together.

Can my company sponsor the event?

Yes, please click here to sponsor the event

Can I volunteer to help with the race?

Definitely. In order to volunteer, please click here

Where do we meet?

Both the Start and Finish lines are at Skyline Park (17th Street and Arapahoe) in Downtown Denver.  There are a number of nearby parking garages. Better yet – get familiar with public transportation by taking the bus.

What happens at the start of the race? 

Teams will get a map and clues at the Starting line. Teams will plan their own route and the race begins.

Can teams split up?

No.Your zombie horde must remain together! Teammates cannot be separated by more than 50 feet.

Do we have to wear costumes in The ORGAN Trail Adventure?  What should we wear?

Costumes are strongly encouraged (and awesome), but completely optional. Most teams will be dressed as zombies (then you’re already ready for the world’s largest Zombie Crawl that afternoon). Teams may also dress as zombie hunters, as human survivors, or in regular clothes. Some costumes may be easier to run in than others. Each team decides how to dress.

The (free) annual Zombie Crawl that follows has a costume contest. The ORGAN TRAIL teams may, of course, participate in the Zombie Crawl. There will not be a separate costume contest for The ORGAN Trail teams alone.

We strongly recommend wearing comfortable shoes and bringing water.

What happens if it rains?

Your zombie makeup will probably run… but The ORGAN Trail Adventure will take place, rain or shine.

Is my entry fee refundable or transferable?

No. All entry fees are non-refundable.  Entry fees are also generally non-transferable. Exceptions may exist.  Requests for transfer should be submitted to

What if we can’t or don’t want to participate in a challenge?

Each team must complete all mandatory challenges and the required number of non-mandatory challenges. To successfully finish, teams must finish in less than 4 hours. Any team that skips a mandatory challenge will be disqualified.

What if we can’t find a challenge?

Keep looking. Consider forming an alliance with another team or trading information. Choose to skip that clue. If all else fails, take the penalty and get to the finish line.

Can we break a rule and take a penalty?

No. Penalties are assessed for skipping challenges. Rule violations will result in immediate disqualification.

Will our times be posted?

Yes. All times (including teams that did not finish) will be posted on The ORGAN Trail website. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded once the race has concluded (at 3pm, before the Zombie Crawl begins).

What happens after I register?

Make sure you sign up using an email address you will monitor. Monitor the Denver Zombie Crawl website for information and updates. You will be asked to read and sign the waiver upon arriving at the event. (If you prefer, you can download the waiver from The ORGAN Trail website.)

How can I invite other people to join my team?

Just have them sign up with the same team name. If you are the first person to register, make sure your teammates know your team name so they can choose it from the pull-down menu. All teammates must sign up individually. At least two people must be on each team, and the team will be full after six people have signed up.

When does online registration close?

Online registration will close at midnight on Thursday, October 20th. After that, you can only sign up in person on race day starting at 9:00am IF the race has not sold out.

How do the clues and challenges work?

The maps and clues will be distributed to all teams at the same time immediately prior to the start of the event. These will lead you to different locations around the city, at which you will complete either a mental or physical challenge.  The clue sheet will indicate how many of the clues are required to be completed and whether completion of certain clues is mandatory. Failure to complete a mandatory clue will result in disqualification. You may complete the clues in any order that you choose.

How long is the race?

The course is designed so that the winners should finish in under 2 hours.  The majority of teams should finish in around 3 hours.  The course will close after 4 hours.

Because you may complete the clues in any order, the distance will depend on the route you choose to take. Most teams should expect to travel approximately 3-4 miles by foot or by public transit.

Do you allow help from people not participating in the race?

To help solve some of the clues, it will be beneficial to have access to the internet or to have one or more people “on call” and available to assist you on the internet. Teams may not use a ground support team along the actual course. Team members must complete required challenges on the course themselves without any assistance from non-team members.

Is there an HQ (headquarters) this year?

No. In response to feedback from prior years, being on the course was the most fun, we decided that each team must remain together during the race. Of course, you can get help from others who are not on the course (see the question above).

Can I use public transportation?

Teams may only travel by foot or public transit, including buses, trains, and light rail. Teams may not use any form of private transportation or accept any rides, including taxis, private cars, motorcycles, skates, skateboards, pedicabs, bicycles, horses or any other form of private transportation. Any teams caught using private transportation will be disqualified.

What happens if my team arrives at a challenge and there is already another team there?

Multiple teams will likely be at some of the challenges at the same time. The teams will complete the challenge in the order in which they arrived. If the challenge is crowded, a team may choose to skip it or leave and return. Remember that the order you complete the challenges is up to you and that you only need to complete the required number.

What else should I know prior to the event?

Teams may not engage in unsportsmanlike or illegal conduct. Verbal or physical aggression towards the public, local officials, other participants or staff, or acts of vandalism, theft or harassment will result in disqualification from the race at the discretion of the staff. Please use common sense, and remember that this is for fun!

The ORGAN Trail Adventure reserves the right to disqualify any participant or team for any reason at any time at the staff’s discretion.

No registration refunds will be given for any reason.

During the race every team MUST:

  • Obey all local laws, regulations, and traffic laws. Participants are solely responsible for their actions and the consequences of those actions during The ORGAN Trail Adventure event.
  • Comply with the directions of staff, local authorities, and property and/or venue owners and managers.

Where can I ask questions that are not answered on this website?

For additional questions, please contact us at