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On the morning of the Zombie Crawl, join your fellow zombies on the ORGAN Trail. Run, walk, or crawl around downtown Denver in this urban adventure that is part Amazing Race, part Fear Factor, and part Haunted House. Zombie hordes will solve clues and participate in mental and physical activities in order to complete checkpoints. Fun for all! The zombies with the fastest legs and the quickest BRAINS will take home the cash.

2016 Date, Time, Location

Saturday October 22nd 2016, 9am at Skyline Park Denver, CO

Course Details

Start/Finish lines: Skyline Park (16th Street Mall and Arapahoe)
Time Limit: 2 hours
Area: Teams (2-6 zombies) will run/walk/crawl or use public transportation to travel around LoDo.
Accepted transportation: Running, walking, crawling, mall bus, RTD bus/light rail.
Not allowed: Private vehicles, taxis, pedi-cabs, scooters, bicycles/B-cycles, skates/blades, skateboards, any other form of transportation not listed specifically above.


First Place – $300
Second Place – $200
Third Place – $100

What to Wear and Bring

Waiver: You must have your signed waiver to participate in the Organ Trail.

Cell/mobile phone: Smart phones (especially those with cameras and/or GPS), although technically not required, will provide a significant advantage. At least one person on each team should have a smartphone in order to successfully complete all of the challenges. See FAQ for more details.

Digital camera: Each team must also have at least one functioning digital camera. A smart phone could meet the requirement for both phone and camera. Teams may be required to take and show pictures to race organizers during or after the race.

Clothing: Costumes are encouraged. Most teams will dress as zombies. Other costumes (without wheels) and regular race clothes are allowed. Clothing may become dirty or even permanently stained/damaged during the event. We are not responsible for any damage to personal belongings during the race.

Money: A small amount of cash ($10) might be necessary to complete a challenge. Cash can also be used to purchase drinks/snacks as needed.


Maps: You think you know downtown Denver well. Do you know it well enough?
Bus routes/passes: Even within the confines of downtown, jumping on the perfect bus at the right time just might help you be the winning team
Paper/pen: Might help for tracking your progress or route
Additional technology: GPS devices, laptops/tablets or other internet devices – get creative here.
Video recorder: Your team’s video footage might make the ORGAN Trail highlights or be featured in next year’s promotion.
Watch: There is only so much time before the zombies take over.
Water, snacks, etc: Stay hydrated on the ORGAN Trail.
Sunscreen: Some zombies have sensitive skin.




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